EURO-FRIEND, Flow Regimes From International Experimental and Network Data

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Project 1

European Water Archive (EWA)

FRIEND river gauging stations

FRIEND river gauging stations

A central feature of EURO-FRIEND, since its inception in 1985, has been the development of a hydrological database, the European Water Archive (EWA) archive is now one of the most comprehensive hydrological archives in Europe, containing long-term daily flow data and catchment information from about 3800 river gauging stations in 29 countries.

The continued development and maintenance of the archive is the responsibility of the Database Group (Project Group 1).
This group has formal responsibilities for coordinating data acquisition, applying quality control procedures and disseminating data to FRIEND researchers. Data is supplied to the archive on a voluntary basis, free of charge, and made freely available to FRIEND researchers on condition that these data are used exclusively for FRIEND research.

The Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC), Federal Institute of Hydrology, Koblenz, Germany, hosts the European Water Archive.
The EWA website provides information on:

  1. Geographical overview of stations
  2. EWA station catalogue
  3. Ordering data from EWA
  4. Providing data to EWA

Members of Project Group 1.
Recent Publications by Project 1 Members

Project coordinator:
Mr Ulrich Looser
Global Runoff Data Centre, Koblenz., Germany
T: +49 261 1306 5224
F: +49 261 1306 5280

Ordering EURO-FRIEND River Discharge Data

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River Pang, UK
River Pang, UK