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Ordering EURO-FRIEND River Discharge Data

The following general conditions of provision of EURO-FRIEND data apply:

  1. willingness to take part in FRIEND activities (conferences, workshops etc.);
  2. acknowledgement of the use of FRIEND data in any publication or report based on the data;
  3. to share new data with the FRIEND-EWA, if possible/ appropriate;
  4. not to pass any data on to third-parties.

For ordering EWA data you need to be a registered member of one of the EURO-FRIEND projects.

If it is your first time to order data from the EWA-management at GRDC, the following steps have to be carried out:

  1. get in touch with the project coordinator of the project which you want to join or of which you already are a member (their email addresses are available at the EURO-FRIEND project web pages) and prompt the project coordinator to confirm your entitlement to receive EWA data by sending an email to the EWA management (
  2. at the same time send a copy of your email to the project coordinator together with a list of the FRIEND station IDs for which you wish to receive data to us. Select stations from the EWA station catalogue and also see the Geographical Overview.

Finally, please consider Providing River Discharge Data to the EWA if you happen to acquire new data within your FRIEND project.

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River Pang, UK
River Pang, UK