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Low flow and drought generating processes and modeling

Research topic

Image: map Through physical-based modelling and subsequent analyses better identification and understanding of the main physical processes that give rise to low flow and drought. Studies will use different types of hydrological models (e.g. distributed, lumped, and comprehensive to simple concepts) and cover different scales (e.g. catchment to river basin and the regional scale). An important aim is to study the propagation of meteorological drought through the subsurface (catchment control), which might lead to soil water drought and hydrological drought (groundwater and surface water) in different hydroclimatological regions (climate control).

Knowledge on low flow and drought generating processes is not only needed for at-site analysis (e.g. outlet of catchment), but it is also essential for understanding of spatial and temporal variability in low flow and drought behaviour. In this context the development and application of methods to characterize the space-time development of droughts at different scales (catchment, regional and Pan-European) will be further elaborated in different hydro-climatological regions. Special attention will be paid to how a drought ceases in a region (e.g. spatial aspects).

Image: map Cumulative difference between the precipitation and potential evapotranspiration since 1 April 2006 in the Netherlands. Left: 31 July, and right: 30 September (source: KNMI). The maps 1 illustrates the spatial recovery of the severe June-July 2006 drought in the Netherlands.

Knowledge on drought propagation is also a key factor for drought forecasting, i.e. forecasting whether a particular meteorological drought will develop in a soil moisture and/or hydrological drought. Short-term and long-term relief, which is relevant for different sectors, will be addressed.



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