EURO-FRIEND, Flow Regimes From International Experimental and Network Data

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Statistics, definitions and indicators

Research topic

Statistical tools will be further developed to assess low flow and drought, including extreme values. The tools include both at-site and regional approaches and will include also gridded time-series. It will also address uncertainty. The latter will in particular address inadequacies in the observed time series; including the quality of the data itself, the lack of data in certain regions and time periods.

Existing low flow and drought definitions will be further elaborated. This especially applies to groundwater drought definitions (e.g. recharge, heads, storage). Furthermore attention will be paid to include the spatial aspects of a drought in its definition (e.g. area covered by a drought, among others based on gridded data). Increased knowledge on low flow and drought will be used to test the usefulness of existing indicators and to develop new single and multiple indicators. Different sectors and scales will be investigated and links will be sought with water resource stress indicators.

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