EURO-FRIEND, Flow Regimes From International Experimental and Network Data

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Activities 2008-2009

Main dissemination activities 2008-2009

  1. Organization of the ERB2008 ‘12th Biennal Conference of the Euromediterranean Network of Experimental and Representative Basins’ held in Krakow, Poland. 18 - 20 September, 2008. The conference theme was ‘Hydrological Extremes in a Small Basin’. Information is available through the abstracts and proceedings.
  2. Organization of the International Workshop Status and Perspectives of Hydrology in Small Basins, 30 March - 2 April 2009, Goslar-Hahnenklee, Germany. This workshop took place on the occasion of 60 years of hydrological measurements in the Bramke research basins in the Upper Harz Mountains, Germany. The workshop primarily aimed at highlighting the overall hydrological research results and benefits to hydrology derived from work in small basins.


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Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic; meteorological observations

Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic; streamflow
Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic; meteorological observations (upper) and streamflow (lower)