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Small hydrological research basins

This growing inventory of small hydrological research basins including European Representative Basins (ERB) dates back on an initiative of the National German FRIEND/ERB working group for establishing a growing digital basin archive on the occasion of the Goslar-Hahnenklee Workshop on Status and Perspectives of Hydrology in Small Basins in spring 2009.

Any new contributions are highly welcome. For this purpose you can download the appropriate poster template and send the duly completed copy to Ulrich Schröder. The basin information will then be added to this website.

Map Skuterud basin (N) Kielstau basin (D) Zarnow basin (D) Aper Tief basin (D) Zhuhai Campus basin (RC) Kharaa river basin (MNG) Fayda and Al-Baqaq basins (IRQ) Vallaccia basin (IT) Kontaktovy basin (RU) Butenya basin (UA) Anensky brook basin (CZ) Vallcebre research basins (E) Araguás basin (E) San Salvador basin (E) Arnás basin (E) Aixola basin, Basque Country (E) Pozary basin (PL) Plachty basin (PL) Small ungauged basins, Carpathian Mts (PL) The Jalovecký creek basin (SK) Bela river basin (SK) Vauz basin (IT) Löhnersbach basin (A) Mokruvka basin (CZ) Otava basin (CZ) Uhlířská basin (CZ) Rietholzbach basin (CH) Brugga basin (D) Strengbach basin (F) Huewelerbach basin (L) Obere Brachtpe basin (D) Bohlmicke basin (D) Krofdorf basin (D) Bramke basin (D) Schäfertal basin (D)

Löhnersbach basin
Zhuhai Campus basin
Anensky brook basin
Otava basin (ERB)
Mokruvka basin
Uhlířská basin
Strengbach basin
Aper Tief basin
Bohlmicke basin
Bramke basin (ERB)
Brugga basin
Elsterbach basin
Hüttelmoor basin
Kielstau basin
Krofdorf basin
Obere Brachtpe basin
Schäfertal basin
Zarnow basin
Fayda and Al-Baqaq basins
Celone basin
Fiumarella of Corleto
Rio Cordon Basin
Vallaccia basin
Vauz basin
Huewelerbach basin
Kharaa river basin
Mahurangi River basin
Skuterud basin
Small ungauged basins, Carpathian Mts
Lazy basin
Pozary basin
Plachty basin
Devitsa basin
Kontaktovy basin
Bela river basin
The Jalovecký creek basin (ERB)
Aixola basin, Basque Country
Araguás basin
Arnás basin
San Salvador basin
Vallcebre research basins
Rietholzbach basin


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