EURO-FRIEND, Flow Regimes From International Experimental and Network Data

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Project 3

Large Scale Variations in Hydrological Characteristics

Given heightened concerns about climate change and human impacts upon water resources, it is critical to provide information about current and future variations in hydrological characteristics. By elucidating patterns and drivers of hydrological response, it is possible to assess those regions and time-periods most susceptible to climate change/ variability and anthropogenic influences and, thus, inform decision-makers so that water hazards and stress (e.g. floods and droughts) may be mitigated.

Thus, the aim of EURO-FRIEND Project 3 is to identify and understand variations in hydrological behaviour at a range of spatial (within-basin to global) and temporal (event to multi-decadal) scales.

As the project title indicates, much of the research effort is targeted toward regional hydrology. More specific research themes include:

  1. methods for investigating of hydrological variability and change in space and time
  2. multi-scale hydrological systems/ scale issues
  3. large scale climate-hydrology interactions, including teleconnections
  4. modelling hydrological fluxes/ budgets and water use
  5. prediction and forecasting of hydrological variability, including floods and droughts

The research approach of the group is holistic. Research spans the spectrum of hydrological descriptors (average, minimum (drought), maximum (floods), annual regimes, duration curves, moments etc.), rather than focusing upon certain aspects of the hydrological regime. Furthermore, several participants work on the atmosphere-surface water (including snow and ice)-groundwater process cascade and, thus, bridge traditional (sub-)discipline boundaries. It may be suggested that the benefit and unique aspect of EURO-FRIEND Project 3 is the cross-cutting nature of research activities, which allow the group and participants to collaborate with AMIGO (Central America & Caribbean), AMHY (Alpine and Mediterranean) and HKH (Hindu Kush Himalayan) FRIEND programmes, as well as other EURO-FRIEND groups.


Examples of recent research include:

  1. Methodological advances and scale issues
  2. Climate-hydrology interactions
  3. Prediction and forecasting of hydrological variability
  4. Hydrostochastic approaches

Future plans

Recent Publications by Project 3 Members

Members of Large Scale Variations in Hydrological Characteristics project

Project coordinator:

Prof. Nicolas Massei


M2C - UMR CNRS 6143
Morphodynamique continentale et côtiére
Université de Rouen
76 821 Mont Saint Aignan cedex


Tel 33 (0) 232 769 443
Fax 33 (0) 235 147 022

Methodological advances and scale issues

Climate-hydrology interactions

Modelling hydrological fluxes and water use

Prediction and forecasting

Hydrostochastic approaches

Strategic plan for the future

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Variability of river flow regimes across Western Europe
Variability of river flow regimes across Western Europe