EURO-FRIEND, Flow Regimes From International Experimental and Network Data

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Over 400 publications have been completed by EURO (European) FRIEND participants since 2002. These illustrate the breadth of research topics and the range of output, including journal and conference papers, scientific reports, software and spatial and temporal databases. This research is being disseminated to the user community mainly through international partnerships between research groups and operational hydrological agencies.

List of publications 2006-2009

List of publications 2002-2006

List of publications 1998-2002

Book: Climate Variabilty and Change Hydrological Impacts Book: FRIEND - a global perspective 2002 - 2006 Book: Climate Variabilty and Change Hydrological Impacts

Search in the IAHS Publication Database for FRIEND papers that have been published in the IAHS Red Book Series:

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